About Me

About Me

Harry Petsanis is an Author, Consultant, Accountability Coach and founder of Global Mindsets. Having developed a passion for fitness at an early age, Harry has spent over 30 years consulting with and coaching clients in Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness. He has an intense passion for psychology and human nature. His commitment to health and fitness combined with his love of psychology inspired him to create a strategic, systematic program that addresses overall wellness from a mind-body perspective. Majoring in journalism allowed him to develop the ability to convey a unique perspective of the world in a powerful, direct, and thought provoking way. His message captures the attention of his readers and builds a foundation for life changing personal transformation. His perspective and message have resonated globally via Facebook and Twitter and has organically grown to 100,000+ followers.


The Truth is a Lie: $19.99

The complete psychological and motivational journey to personal transformation through conscience thought, relationship analysis, and educational conditioning.


The Truth is a Lie will remove the blindfold that’s crippled you for far too long and integrates real life situations to effectively demonstrate how these scenarios present themselves in our lives.


The Logical Path to Life: $19.99

The blueprint to personal transformation boldly challenging you to look, think, and act from a logical versus emotional perspective. The Logical Path to Life simply looks at facts, clues, and evidence removing emotion from the equation.




We rarely make mistakes, we often make poor choices. A mistake is something that unwillingly happens to us and is out of our control. A poor choice is something we create and initiate that often has a negative impact on ourselves and the people around us.

Harry Petsanis