Harry Petsanis

Harry Petsanis

Mindset Coach


I take great pride in people all over the world being empowered by my message of authenticity, accountability and nonconformity.

I revel in the responsibility that comes with leading people to be who they truly are and feeling that “if he can do it, then so can I.”



10 Daily Mindset Reminders


1. Trust your instincts

2. Believe in yourself

3. Never make excuses

4. Eliminate white noise

5. Strengthen your mindset

6. Live authentically

7. Cherish your friends

8. Focus on the process

9. Own your mistakes

10. Be you



About Harry Petsanis


Harry Petsanis is a philosopher of human nature and a specialist of mindset, fitness, and wellness. Having developed a passion for fitness, wellness and mindset at an early age, Harry has spent a lifetime helping others in these areas. Harry’s passion for fitness, wellness and mindset has inspired him to develop strategic and systematic programs, books, videos, blogs and literature that address overall wellness from both a mind and body perspective.


“Hi Harry, you post beautiful phrases that contain a whole world of wisdom. Remembering them is a fantastic exercise. That moment helps me to stop, analyze, look around and try to look at myself again. I get relativize everything. Only one thing is absolute. Thank you. Enjoy.”

Javier Valero

“Thanks so much, your motivation makes me what I am today. I’ve the courage now. Thanks. You will be remembered in my history.”



“I enjoy immensely how frank and precise each of you tweets are, so full of great advice that is priceless and immeasurable. You never fail to inspire and amaze me at the same time. Thank you for your great work, time and effort that you share Harry.”




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