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Harry Petsanis is a philosopher of human nature and a specialist of mindset, fitness, and wellness.  Having  developed a passion for fitness, wellness, and mindset at an early age, Harry has spent a lifetime helping others in these areas. Harry’s passion for fitness, wellness, and mindset has inspired him to develop strategic and systematic programs, books, videos, blogs, and literature that address overall wellness from both a mind and body perspective. 
I take great pride in people all over the world being empowered by my messages of authenticity, accountability, and nonconformity.

I revel in the responsibility that comes with leading people to be who they truly are and feeling that “if he can do it, then so can I.”

– Harry Petsanis

The books that Harry Petsanis has authored focus specifically on developing a healthy mindset.  “Mindset is the foundation of everything.  It doesn’t matter how great the roof, walls, paint, and property are if the foundation is cracked and flawed.  Everything else will crumble.”  Harry Petsanis

“The Truth Is A Lie,” by Harry Petsanis, is a complete psychological and motivational journey to personal transformation through conscious thought, relationship analysis, and educational conditioning. It was nominated as “Best Self Help Book” by the 2019 Author Academy Award.

“The Logical Path to Life” by Harry Petsanis, is the blueprint to personal transformation.  It boldly challenges you to look, think, and ACT from a logical versus emotional perspective.

“Knowing Me From A to Z, A Child’s Mindset” was coauthored by Harry Petsanis and Donna McCance, M.Ed.  This book centers on children developing their “sense of self” first and foremost so they will be able to successfully listen to their inner voice, trust in what it’s telling them, and make their way in the world. Harry and Donna share a mutual passion for the development of mindset.

Read some book reviews on “Knowing Me from A to Z, A Child’s Mindset,” by Harry Petsanis and Donna McCance by clicking on the arrow below:

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Harry Petsanis and Donna McCance, M.Ed. write about various mindset topics in a blog that was created to guide people through the process of developing a new mindset based on authenticity and reality.  Take personal responsibility toward developing confidence in knowing who you are by reading their mindset blogs at:


Harry Petsanis and Donna McCance, M.Ed. partnered to design the “Individual Mindset Awareness” framework to create change in behaviors so that children will be allowed to develop their independent, free-thinking, and individualistic mindset through self-awareness. This framework is the underlying culture that sets out the journey of learning for all students where the development of mindset is the foundation.


Harry Petsanis created a Wellness Program that integrates fitness and nutrition around mindset.  Mindset is the discipline of training your mind to think in a way that completely aligns with everything you say and desire to do.  People spend their lives trying to figure out their “why,” instead of understanding their “why nots.”  Harry will help you become completely honest with yourself, define your purpose, and stick with your commitment to drive and excel to better your life.



Harry Petsanis created the “60 Seconds to Wellness,” Video Series, designed to show people that wellness isn’t complicated.  Each video is 60 seconds or less. Harry shows fitness techniques and discusses how you can develop a healthy mindset to start yourself on a lifelong path toward feeling your physical and emotional best.

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Social Networking

Harry Petsanis has tens of thousands of followers on social networks who value his original, inspirational quotes, beautiful graphics, and videos.  He inspires many people to change their mindset through sharing his posts, based on his honesty and true understanding of human nature.

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Harry Petsanis created a mindset and fitness YouTube video series where he discusses how you can transform your life by changing your thinking to improve your mindset, which will improve your life.


We are in the process of creating a new online store that will have many quality products that focus on the theme of mindset.  Everything is in mindset, so there will be many things to choose from that include Harry Petsanis’s inspirational quotes.  While the store is being developed, we are selling some items from our website.  Go to this website and click on SHOP.  Read our blogs while you’re there for some insight on mindset!


Harry Petsanis works directly with individuals, groups, schools, and businesses to consult people on transforming the way they think so they can look at life from a logical perspective, instead of an emotional one.  This includes one-on-one and group consulting, as well as keynote speaking.

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