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Chess versus Checkers Part 2

The Mindset Blog “The person who plays checkers only focuses on winning the move with no understanding or idea of the big picture and with no knowledge that winning the move may lose the game." —Harry Petsanis Harry Petsanis, Mindset Coach & Author This quote delineates the profound distinctions between the mentalities required for chess and...

Chess versus Checkers Part 1

The Mindset Blog "There are often two types of people: the person who is interested in winning the battle and the person who is interested in winning the war. The wise person often looks at the big picture. That is the perspective of a chess player who thinks about winning the game—not winning the move. The chess player isn't worried about...

The Power of Reframing: From Mistakes to Poor Choices

The Mindset Blog The Power of Reframing: From Mistakes to Poor Choices "Quit calling your poor choices mistakes. When you say something is a mistake, you are acting as if you have no control over a situation. A poor choice means you are accountable and responsible when your choices have negative ramifications." —Harry Petsanis Harry Petsanis,...

Embracing Self-Reflection: Empowering Change through Personal Growth

Embracing Self-Reflection: Empowering Change through Personal Growth In life, understanding the power of self-reflection is key to unlocking personal growth and healthier relationships. When faced with a string of failed choices and relationships, it's essential to recognize that the root of the issue lies within ourselves, not external...

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“Insanity is not just doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, it is thinking the same way over and over and expecting different results.”

—Harry Petsanis 

Harry Petsanis, Mindset Coach & Authur
Harry Petsanis, Mindset Coach & Authur

Have you ever caught yourself doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results? It’s time to look beyond the surface of this concept and dive into a more profound understanding of insanity. Insanity is not just a repetition of actions; it’s a recurrence of thinking patterns.

Imagine yourself locked in a mental loop, constantly revisiting the same thoughts, but expecting something to change. You find yourself in a never-ending cycle, like a hamster on a wheel. Each turn is identical to the last, but you hope that something will be different this time. This thought process can often lead to stagnation, hindrance of creativity, and even personal growth barriers.

In your daily life, how often do you think the same way, expecting different results? Whether it’s in relationships, career, or personal development, this repetition of thought might hold you back. Recognize it, challenge it, and make conscious efforts to break the loop.

One way to escape this mental trap is to embrace new perspectives. Engage with different people, embrace diverse ideas, and open your mind to various ways of thinking. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you allow yourself to grow, change, and most importantly, evolve.

Remember, insanity isn’t just about repeating actions; it’s about echoing thoughts. Recognize the patterns, break the cycle, and you might find yourself in a place of greater understanding, fulfillment, and success.

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