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Harry is persuaded that mindset is EVERYTHING.

Harry Petsanis

Harry Petsanis, a respected mindset and fitness coach, dedicates his life to propelling individuals towards their utmost potential. A fitness enthusiast since his teen years, Harry weaves physical and mental well-being into a unique coaching style that touches upon all life aspects.

Harry’s exploration of fitness began as a teenager, where he discovered the transformative influence of exercise on general health. As he dived further into the fitness realm, he developed a keen interest in the mind-body relationship, guiding him towards mindset coaching. Harry’s goal was to help individuals attain not only physical goals but also foster a positive, resilient mindset.



Harry Petsanis, Mindset Coach & Authur

Harry co-founded a coaching firm that adopts a holistic approach to individual lifestyle aspects. Harry is committed to aiding clients in enhancing their mental fitness and overall health, extending beyond mere physical fitness. The firm provides various services and products to address all life facets, from mindset coaching, and fitness training to nutrition advice, and stress management techniques.

What distinguishes Harry as a coach is his all-encompassing approach to coaching. He believes that a genuine transformation involves all life areas, including mindset, habits, and surroundings. By amalgamating his knowledge in fitness and mindset coaching, Harry offers clients a comprehensive approach, ensuring enduring results.

Areas of Expertise:

1. Mindset Coaching: Harry specializes in assisting individuals in cultivating a positive, resilient mindset, allowing them to surmount obstacles and attain their aspirations.
2. Fitness Training: Armed with a fitness background, Harry provides tailored training programs to suit individual requirements and objectives, promoting improved physical fitness and overall health.
3. Holistic Wellbeing: Harry’s coaching style covers every facet of a person’s life, including mental fitness, nutrition, stress management, and general lifestyle, advocating for holistic wellbeing.

Why People Fail and Why You Need A Mindset Coach


Books & Publications

Harry is an Academy Award Nominated amd established author and writer. He is in the process of writing a fitness and training book with healthy recipes, mindset coaching, and fitness.


Accountability Coaching

The Truth Is A Lie:

The complete psychological and motivational journey to personal transformation through conscience thought, relationship analysis, and educational conditioning.


The Logical Path To Life:

The blueprint to personal transformation boldly challenges you to look, think and act from a logical versus an emotional perspective.


Starting a Business

Knowing Me From


This collaborative, rhyming book centers on children developing a mindset of authenticity through individuality, self-worth, independence, self-determination, self-control, empowerment, growth, truth, mistakes, empathy, and kindness.

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